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Summer is Coming!!

Summer is Coming!!

Summer is just around the corner and that means longer days,  swimming, sunsets and bike rides but also longer exposure time to the sun.

I was sitting under an umbrella yesterday at the pool watching my granddaughter swim.  I was fully protected by the shade except for my legs. It didn’t seem like they were in the sun for too long but last night I realized what a mistake I made!! They were burnt and they hurt to have the warm water on them in the shower and to even sleep with light blankets on them. Honestly, just sitting in the sun for 10-15 minutes without any SPF on my legs burnt them to the point of discomfort!!

Practice safe sun this summer, I know this was a huge reminder for me that even a few minutes in the sun without SPF can damage the skin. If this happens to you, I’ve included a few home remedies you may try to soothe the burn and let you rest comfortably:

  • Apply a cold damp cloth to your skin
  • Use a moisturizer that contains Aloe Vera or soy to help soothe sunburned skin
  • Drink lots of water
  • Lidocaine is a numbing cream and is safe when used sparingly
  • Take Ibuprofen if pain is throbbing and starting to blister
  • Leave blisters alone

Prevention is key and the best when it comes to maintaining youthful skin

  • SPF 30+
  • Hat
  • Umbrella
  • Sun Protective Clothing
  • Sunglasses especially for light eyed people who are more sensitive to sun exposure

Wishing you all a wonderful summer season filled with much fun, adventure, friendship and memories!!

Remember SPF is you BFF 🙂

Love & Skincare,

Sherena Jarvi L.E.



Yesterday was Mother’s Day, I loved seeing all the posts of flowers, cards, breakfast in bed and family brunch. The well wishes from loved ones hoping I had a wonderful Mother’s Day were very sweet and I replied in kind.

My thoughts were also on those who’s kids and/or husbands did nothing for them, seeing their posts of disappointment and how they hated feeling that way as they fought back tears.

My heart breaks for those who felt missed, unimportant or who are dealing with estrangement either physical or emotional. Relationships are hard, they can get messy and these types of holidays only highlight the pain for those who are in a severed relationship either by choice or death. My heart also breaks for the women who want so badly to be a mother but cannot and would give anything to be missed on Mother’s Day only if it meant being missed by the children she wants so badly but for whatever reason that joy has not been granted to her.

I want to validate each and every woman who felt less than yesterday or missed for whatever reason. We are not defined by a made up holiday nor, does this day prove how amazing we are. How strong are we? We somehow manage to keep a semblance of ourselves after sacrificing so much for everyone else throughout the entire year, making sure no one feels “missed” on their birthday or Father’s Day or any other day for that matter. We work hard to keep the peace, be the cook, the chauffeur, the counselor, the healer, the comforter, the educator, we wear many hats.

We are sunflowers, we are resilient, we are radiant in the sun,we are rooted firmly in the ground and we bloom wherever we are planted.

My skin beauties I want you to go do something today that reminds you of how beautiful and strong and resilient you are. Self-care is a vital part of being a mom. We must give to ourselves in order to give back to the others in our life. I encourage you to have a gratitude journal, meditate/pray, yoga, go for a walk, get into nature, get a facial 🙂

Much love, blessings and skincare,

Sherena Jarvi L.E. xo

You ARE this Strong!

You ARE this Strong!

February is almost over!! I can’t believe how fast time is flying! Hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day which, leads me into thinking about another holiday where there’s yummy food, chocolates, champagne and a big dinner with my love. 

How many of you made New Year’s resolutions? I thought about this and I thought no, I’m actually in a really good place. Yes, I ate too much cheese fondue and bread over the holidays and drank more wine / champagne than normal. Yes, I had a good 12 pounds to lose but so what? I’m happy and I thoroughly enjoyed all the parties and festivities.

In that moment I thought, I’m going to give myself grace instead of a resolution. I know what I need to do, eat healthy and exercise more. I know because I’ve done it before. I realized when we’re living our true authentic life and we’re fully aware of the choices we’re making, all we need to do is make better choices, no resolution necessary. Everyday we can choose differently; eat healthy, move more, be present, sit longer with a friend and enjoy the moments this wonderful life has to offer.

I’m 5 pounds down and have about 10 to go but you know what? I’m enjoying the process, I’m enjoying the Pilates, the yoga, the weight training. I’m enjoying it because it reminds me how blessed I am to be healthy and to have a strong body that is able to physically do all these things I’m demanding it to do right now.

I’ll be 47 years old in April and I’ve learned a healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle. I’m going to practice that lifestyle as best I can in preparation for the holidays this year so, I can enjoy them once again. Embrace your body and all it’s flaws because they tell a story and it means you’ve lived.

My hope for you is to give yourself grace, let something negative in your mind go and tell yourself “You are this strong!”

Love & Skincare,

Sherena Jarvi L.E. xo