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As an esthetician, I am asked ALL the time about certain products and if they’re “bad”.  I won’t say a specific skincare line is “bad” however, I will educate you on certain chemicals I look for as I glance at their ingredient list (IL). Ask yourself, are you using a product with very few if any effective ingredients? A new client of mine was using a celebrity endorsed skincare line and wanted to understand what type of exfoliant she was using. I had her forward the ingredient list and not one ingredient was for exfoliation, not one!!

Do your products contain parabens, dyes, fragrance, sulfates, petrochemicals? Do they test on animals? What is the buffer ratio to effective ingredients, or the percentage of effective ingredients? Do you understand how the products work or the molecular structure? Do you know the difference between a treatment phase and maintenance phase?

My biggest frustration is when clients come to me and they’ve spent a ton of money on over the counter products with very little if any effective ingredients. It frustrates me because you pay top dollar for a “premium” brand that doesn’t work on the cellular level to actually create the change in your skin you need to fight the aging process. Meaning, your skin seems to be fine while using these products but once you stop, there’s no real change or difference in your collagen, tone, texture or wrinkles.

I encourage you to see a licensed esthetician in your area who knows how to treat skin. We are a passionate group of knowledgeable skin experts who love nothing more than helping you achieve your skincare goals.

Love and skincare,

Sherena Jarvi L.E. xo