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I’m Sherena Jarvi I’m a licensed esthetician. My passion is teaching skincare.

As the Founder/CEO of My Favorite Skincare, I want everyone to experience the spa lifestyle. I know that sounds expensive and unattainable for everyone but I’m going to teach you how it’s possible to live the spa lifestyle a little bit each and every day.

Begin every day with 3 deep cleansing breaths, think of 3-5 things you are grateful for and find 5 minutes to read affirmations or journal.

This is my first blog post & I’m so excited to share all the happenings in the facial room, my skincare business & the launch of my skincare products.

Many consumers aren’t able to afford a visit to an esthetician, and do not have the opportunity to be educated on the skin and the products they’re using. I’m changing all that, by bringing affordable skincare to you along with the education necessary for you to make the best choices for your skin.

Coming up . . . Skincare basics. Everything you need to know to start taking care of your skin now to see changes in 2 weeks.