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The seasons are changing and so is our skin. In the winter, our skin is more dry and flaky due to the cold weather. In the summer we tend to be more oily and congested due to sweating and SPF we’re wearing daily. Fall and Spring can go either way, your skin can be more normal or balanced during these months or they can become dry, irritated and acne prone.

It always amazes me when a client tells me they’ve used the same skincare products for over 30 years. Over 30 years!!! I usually follow that up with “how do you like the results?” That question alone makes them really think if they’ve noticed a difference in their skin. I tell my clients if you look in the mirror in the morning and don’t say “WOW, my skin looks amazing!!” You’re not doing something right. It’s ok, I’m here to help.

Hyaluronic Acid is a great product to increase your hydration level, Vitamin C is another great way to hydrate, soothe and calm broken blood vessels.

I encourage you to come in and have a facial and start using the best products to give you the best skin possible. Together, I will help you uncover the beautiful skin you were born with.

Much love, blessings & skin care,

Sherena Jarvi L.E.