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I want to talk to you today about a very commonly recommended cleanser by dermatologists, Cetaphil.

Three ingredients to be aware of:

  • Propylene Glycol-  a small organic alcohol commonly used as a skin conditioning agent. It has been associated with irritant and allergic contact dermatitis Dries the skin.
  • Sulfates- cleansing and foaming agents this ingredient is concerning because they were found to break down proteins which can lead to a degenerative effect on the cell membranes. Sulfates were also found to leave residue in the heart, lungs and brain.
  • Parabens- cheap ingredient used as a preservative. Studies have shown, some parabens can mimic the activity of the hormone estrogenic the body’s cells and while estrogenic activity is associated with certain forms of breast cancer, parabens have been found present in breast tumors.

Knowledge is power. Find a trusted esthetician who is educated and offers free education to you while you are being extracted. That is the perfect time for your personalized skincare lesson!! Share my blog with your friends and family, I realize some people may not be able to afford to see an esthetician.

Please make conscious choices when selecting skincare products and DO NOT trust celebrity endorsed products or dermatologist endorsed products, that alone is not a guarantee of quality ingredients.

Sherena Jarvi L.E. xo