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Summer time is the best time to take stock of all the things to be grateful for. We work all year long to finally take some time to enjoy the longer days of sunshine, family, BBQ’s and lazy afternoons relaxing. Longer days, mean longer exposure time to the sun and even with an SPF 30+ we need to reapply and have a physical barrier between us and the sun. 

Being a kid in the ’80s meant having that golden tan, we used Hawaiian Tropics Tanning Oil & even Baby Oil to help speed up the bronzed glow process. I think of all those beach days exposed to the sun with very little if any sunblock. Maya Angelou said “when you know better, you do better”. My goal is to educate you on sun safety without fear of shame or guilt so you can do better.  Remember to always use an SPF of 30 or higher, no sunscreen is waterproof or sweatproof and must be reapplied especially, after swimming every 1-2 hours.

Understand what SPF is, it means sun protection factor and it protects you from the UVB rays that cause sunburn.  There’s also UVA rays, these rays may not cause sunburn but they still cause damage by penetrating deeper than UVB rays and cause premature aging. SPF is our #1 weapon against premature aging caused by sun damage.

The sun is your best source of  Vitamin D but 10 minutes is all you need. Practice safe sun and embrace this time of year!!

Love & Skincare,

Sherena Jarvi L.E. xo